September 7, 2020

Nvidia are making people happy and sad

New RTX GPU's about to drop...

Nvidia are making people happy and sad

I have to confess that as a 20-series GPU owner I was pretty salty when Jensen Huang released the spec and price information for the next generation GeForce RTX cards on the recent livestream. I paid a grand (£1000) for a founders edition 2080TI back in September 2018 mainly because the 20 series GPU's were being released at the same time I was building my first PC for many, many, years and I had decided that I wanted something a little bit special. And it was special at the time!

Looking back though, was it worth it? The whole RTX thing was a bit of a "damp squib" (whatever the fuck a squib is) and I basically paid a premium for what was essentially a beta-test of the new ray tracing technology. Sure BFV looked pretty with the explosions reflecting and refracting with mathematical accuracy in the bullet-strewn car windows but the FPS trade-off for switching on all the RTX guff was quite painful (in multiplayer at least).

I also very recently had to RMA my original card as it had developed thermal issues. This was a faff as the first replacement Nvidia sent me was a refurbished unit, badly packaged, and with the second fan constantly stuck at 4000rpm from the moment it received power. Not good. After having to then send back this duff second card and wait another week for Nvidia to sort their shit out, they then did send me a brand-new boxed GPU which so far has been working great. Time will tell I guess....

Anyhow, overall I have found the 2080TI to be a great GPU, easily cutting its way through anything I've thrown at it over the past two years so I guess I can't be too upset about the "new generation". After all, that is the PC hardware game right? My main hope for these new cards is that they will convince the 10-series owners to upgrade and we will then see more game developers switching "RTX On" in future titles.

Awesome. But what about those poor bastards who bought a 20 series card in the last few months? I can only imagine how angry they are right now. As I write this, 2080TI's are still showing on Nvidia's website for over a grand when they have just publicly stated the 3070 is more powerful and is going to cost 50% less which - if true - is looking incredible value for money and probably going to blow AMD out of the mid to high-end market.

Business is business, but I hope Nvidia and the third-party card manufacturers offer some sort of trade-up deal for the poor suckers who forked out big bucks on the eve of the release as they are loyal customers and deserve a break. Somehow, I wont be holding my breath on this but I hope I'm proven wrong.

Fortunately this time around I'm in no rush to upgrade and I have the luxury of standing back and analysing the independent benchmarks when they come out instead of being caught up in all the hype like I was last time when I was building my rig! But if the specs turn out to be true then I might just keep my eye out for some tasty trade-in deals if they happen to ever exist! If not, then my 2080TI will be working hard for a few more years. This is assuming of course that it doesn't overheat and die like its poor predecessor!